Perfectly Undone – A Short Film

One summer project that turned into – a nightmare?

I’d guess that a good few of you have already heard me mention, at some point over this year’s too-long summer, that I was making a film.

The original idea, actually, was to write a three-minute monologue. A quick challenge that could be finished in a few hours.

But what started out as a casual vacation project – squashed between PhD research – soon spiralled into something a bit more than casual after my lead-and-only actor dropped out; my camera’s auto-focus simply would not focus; I had no cinematographer to make the focus focus; my make-shift dolly (think wheelie suitcase, plywood, Gorilla tape) went rickety on its maiden voyage; a brashly coloured light fell into my face on the first take; the auto-focus still would not focus on the final take; I decided I would need a team of cooperative minions to make a film that anyone other than my one adoring fan (hello, mum) would be happy to watch.

But despite all the technical hitches and hiccups of this one-woman-show, somehow, some way, the monologue that started out as four pages of 12-point Courier font metamorphosed into the moving images you see above.

And so I sent it to Jesus (not that Jesus – I mean my Cambridge college) who happened to be running a summer film contest for budding cineastes, and – poof. That was that. I ended up with first place and my first, tentative foray into filmmaking was nudged from the realms of a small nightmare into a very, very small success.

The competition was judged by Jo McGrath (CEO of Eagle Eye Drama), Sonita Alleyne, Christopher Burlinson, and screenwriter James McCarthy. The selection reel was put together by Anja Diel, who organised the competition.


3 thoughts on “Perfectly Undone – A Short Film

  1. I saw all your make-shift equipment and cannot believe you managed to make this masterpiece! It’s gripping and intriguing, arousing a profusion of emotions, and I was left wanting more. You are a naturally gifted writer, actor and filmmaker and I can’t wait for your next project.


  2. Dear Daniella,
    A wonderful film!
    I hope you are also well?
    Till soon, have many more successes to come!


    1. Vielen lieben Dank, Stefanie!
      Ich hoffe, es geht dir gut?

      Alles, alles Gute x


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