So what are these ‘Notes’ – and who writes them?

The writer’s name is Daniella. She’s an Anglo-Danish linguist, screenwriter, and filmmaker who’s been jotting down her Notes on Campus at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. She’s made it her mission to bridge the gap between academia and social media, taking letters and learning out from the ivory towers and making them accessible to everyone.

And she’s very pleased to meet you.

What can you expect from these Notes?

These scribblings and scrawlings will be a perpetual work-in-progress. And an acknowledgment of one fundamental fact of life: there’ll always be more to know.

So this isn’t where you’ll find The Answer to all your questions. Notes on Campus is, really, more like a laboratory. A place for putting ideas into the crucible and seeing what comes out – what reacts well, what combusts.

List of reactants:
1. a million millilitres of film and photography
2. a beaker-full of philosophy
3. a generous measure of language and literature
And, to catalyse the process:
4. a pipette-drop of style

Daniella also hopes you’ve stood the litmus test of this extended metaphor, because there’re more to comeā€¦

Daniella took her BA in German at Oxford, where she graduated with the Gibbs Prize for the best results in the university’s MML faculty, and with the Worcester Society Arts Prize for the highest results in arts subjects. She stayed on at Oxford for a Master’s in Comparative Literature and Critical Translation, graduating with Distinction, before setting off for a PhD at Cambridge, where’s she’s now digging into the lifework of Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

When she’s not busy referring to herself in third person, you might find her writing a screenplay, directing a film, devouring a stack of German literature, translating and re-translating words she thought she already knew, overusing parentheses (perpetually), supplementing her shiny shoe collection, or pondering the perks (and quirks) of being human.

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